Expert Tips for Creating a Meditation Space at Home

Make your meditation space personal.

Meditation is a powerful tool that can help you reduce stress, relieve anxiety, enhance self-awareness, and so much more. While meditation can be done at any time, in any place, creating a dedicated area at home can make the practice even more special. But how do you actually go about creating this place of stillness? To help you get started, we had meditation and wellness experts share their best tips for finding the right spot, which supplies to put in it, and some simple design tips to pull the space together.

Invite your body’s wisdom to choose the environment that will most support your sitting practice. As you walk through your home notice how your body responds to the different rooms. Trust you’ve found the room when the “Ah-ha” feeling arises and your body relaxes. – Mindfulness Coaching School, Ann-Marie McKelvey

First thing’s first, set an intention for your space: a moment of calm in your day, a moment of quiet, or a moment to improve your focus. Remember that cleanliness is ideal. Declutter your nook and welcome back in the necessities. These can include – a comfortable place to sit, colors that support your vision (blue is calm, red is energizing), and dim lighting to shift focus to the light within. Incense, candles, music and sentimental objects (photos, figurines, etc.) activate more of your sensory neurons; use these with awareness. – Urban Wellness Magazine

Bathtubs can offer built-in privacy for peaceful moments at the end of a long day. Consider bringing candles, incense, and healing salts to your tub for a fully embodied meditation. Notice the temperatures, textures, smells, and sounds of your moment-to-moment experience. – Mindfulness Exercises, Sean Fargo

Bring the feeling of nature indoors. We like to include soft, warm light and natural elements (think plants, wood tones, and salt lamps) to bring the peace of the forest indoors. And of course, make sure it is somewhere you want to spend time! – The Pearl Day Spa

Lighting and sound are the most important considerations when designing a meditation space at home. For overall ambiance, nothing creates warmth and calm like the soft lighting of dimmable lamps or fairy lights. For pure practicality, choose the quietest spot in your house, or add natural sounds such as a fountain to keep disruptive household noises from interfering with precious zen moments. – Mayu Meditation Co-op, Cierra McNamara

During meditation, good upright posture enables you to really get into the zone. Whether you’re sitting cross-legged on the floor or in a chair with your legs uncrossed, a support cushion will help you maintain a straight spine. To be truly mindful of your body’s position, you might want to use a posture trainer that reminds you to be upright and present in the moment. – Upright

Incorporate natural scents that allow you to focus more readily on the ‘present.’ Scents like eucalyptus, rosemary, citrus, and mints are invigorating, clearing, and allow you to remain mindful. Scent will ground you in your meditation quicker than any other sense. – Clear My Head, Brenda Stansfield

Find a place that naturally creates a sense of peace and calm, ideally away from distractions like electronics, televisions, speakers, etc. You could choose a dedicated room, like a den or extra bedroom to meditate – these places tend to be quieter and less associated with sleeping, entertainment, or excitement. Or you could choose a location, even the backyard, that has a view of nature. – Scott Moore Yoga

Engage the five senses: sight, touch, smell, sound, and taste. Surround yourself with blue tones and relaxing sounds, and bring your attention to the smell of your favorite candle or essential oil. Incorporate textures that bring you warmth and support, and consider enjoying a cup of warm tea or a piece of dark chocolate with your practice. – Neuro Wellness Spa, Emily Pedersen

Use the same things that stimulate your senses every time you meditate. For example, play the same music, or use the same incense. This way it helps to signal your brain that it’s time to meditate, and it’s a great way to develop a habit of meditating too. – Museflower Retreat and Spa, Tania Ho

Create a space for meditation with meaningful things. My favorite cozy blanket, a special candle, and a beautiful palm stone are three things that set me up to meditate at home more regularly. I can create a space for meditation anywhere with these few important items. Whether that’s on a chair in my bedroom, on my couch, or even in my backyard. I can even take my meditation “space” with me when I travel. – SF Advanced Health, Nicole Bianchi,

Keep it authentic. Too often we get caught up in what we think it should look or be like, when it may be as simple as your favorite chair located in a cozy spot where the morning light pours in. – Guiding Wellness Institute, Kelsy Timas

Use deep breathing. For an optimized relaxation response, use deep breathing as a guide for settling into your own inner self. Extending your exhale slightly longer than a deep inhale will both calm the body and the mind to find rest in your home or chosen location. – Harmony Health Massage & Wellness Spa, Inanna Hall

Find a quiet place away from distractions. Create a simple space that is uncluttered, without phones, computers or other things that draw your attention away from your practice. – Mindworks Meditation

If you don’t have an entire room to dedicate to meditation, create a space in the corner, away from all the things that may pull your attention. Once you select your location, establish a hard and fast rule that this space is for meditation only and declare it a no electronics zone. – Discarded Anxiety

Let it be cozy and inviting. Experiment to find out what feels most comfortable for you to sit on: a chair, meditation cushion, or low bench. To nurture a sense of spaciousness and peace, a small table set simply with a candle, a flower vase, and a picture or other inspiring object is enough. – Barbara Newell

Don’t be overly concerned with where you meditate. Learn to use “distractions” that may arise wherever you find time to meditate. You can use anything as objects of mindfulness meditation. Ask yourself, what can I learn from this in terms of your mind and body’s reactions to them? Learn to meditate anywhere and under any circumstances. – Mindful Living Center, Mike Healy

Choose a small space in your home that you feel intuitively connected to. Begin to create this sacred space with the calming and grounding colors of warm silver, espresso, and pure white. Next, gather the essentials to create a comfortable and healing meditation practice: sandalwood incense, mala beads, a well-padded meditation pillow, textured blankets, crystals, and your personal primordial sound mantra. – Serenity Spa

Make sure that whatever space you create for meditation in your home remains consistent and doesn’t change frequently. It’s also important to have ample air ventilation and light in the room. –, Eklavya,

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Your ‘job’ as our spa client: Breathe & Receive (We’ll do the work!)

In the spa industry a customer certainly has many choices for treatments.  Picking the right therapist, treatment and facility are important to your overall health and well-being and also to your overall satisfaction with your services. Of course the best way to be happy with your spa provider is to begin to communicate your needs even before you step through the door, and to continue to communicate with them to be sure your treatment goals are in line and on the same page with your spa professional. So, with that being said your ‘job’ during the treatment is to simply ‘breathe & receive’.

If you are new to the spa scene let us tell you a few ‘tips’ for receiving your best treatment. These are some tips straight from the Massage Therapists, Estheticians, and Nail Techs themselves. We are fortunate to get to chat with spa professionals all over the United States. Here are some of the things they’d love to tell you:

1. Don’t apologize to us before the treatments begin. We’ve seen it all and although personal hygiene is critical in our industry we don’t care if you didn’t shave your legs, have excessive hair, hangnails or any other small worrisome issue. We’ve seen the thinning hair, the bad surgeries and we’re okay with it. As long as you are clean and ready for our services, our job is to make you feel WONDERFUL. Come as you are – we want you to leave feeling amazing – your visit should transform you in some way. So let go of the superficial worries. We’re here because we want to make you feel wonderful.

2. Let us know if you’ve had a big change in life. This is so very helpful for any spa professional. If you have good news or bad, are elated with an engagement or grieving the loss of a loved one, believe it or not it can impact your experiences. The body remembers and responds differently to emotional needs. A client who may love deep work most of the times may be unable to tolerate it through a difficult emotional period. Sharing these ups and downs in life can help your therapist create a better treatment, offer you a service that may be a better fit or introduce a new modality – like aromatherapy, hot or cold therapies that may help your physical and emotional healing on a whole other level.

3. Tell us if it hurts. This shouldn’t even need to be said, but unfortunately many clients feel they need to tolerate deep work, so they suffer in silence. Let’s be clear, massage therapy can be intense but should never hurt. There is a difference between inflicting pain (‘Ow, get off me) and releasing pain (Ohhhhh, hurts so good). The former is an incorrect technique and the latter is deep tissue at it’s best. It’s common to feel some muscle soreness the next day. It would feel similar to going to the gym after a long absence and feeling the burn the next day. However, every client is different, so please, speak up. We always tell our new clients to use a scale from 1 to 10 – 1 being ‘are you even touching me?’ to 10 ‘GET OFF ME!’.  Don’t make us guess what you feel, speak up. We do get clues when working on people, but you don’t need to suffer in silence. Every spa professional wants to get you results, but they want you to do so comfortably.

4. Let’s get ‘personal’. Most spa professionals have their favorite products in their facilities. It’s not uncommon for clients to want to bring in their own lotions, nail colors etc. Many spas will honor this, but it’s always a great idea to ask prior to the treatment. Your home facial care may not work with the estheticians equipment. Your massage therapist might require a lotion with more ‘slip’ than your body lotion you apply after a bath. We like to make your time with us special, but sometimes there are reasons we can’t honor your request. If you don’t like a product being used, simply ask if they have others available. You can also let them know your preference in music, warmth and lighting.

5. Ask us about the products we use. Many customers have a pet peeve about being strong armed about purchasing an entire expensive line of products and most technicians are aware of this. Although many facilities will try to sell you an entire ‘at home facial care’ system, the fact is if we turn you off from our facility because you felt pressured to buy, then we aren’t doing our job. We want you to have GREAT results at home, so if you DON’T want to purchase, it’s really okay to say ‘no’. A better option is to be honest with us. Perhaps you are happy with your skin care line, maybe you can’t afford the whole series of products in one visit, maybe you just don’t spend that much time on your skin care. Everyone is different. So, just ask us – ‘out of these six skin care items, which two will do the most for me and why?’. Your spa professionals KNOW their stuff, they take extensive training and learn the ingredients. Many do make a commission on the sale, but many would rather you buy your skin care from them and forgo a tip. Why? If you get great results, you’ll give us referrals. Referrals are the life-blood of our industry. We value our clients above anything else. If you look and feel great – we do too!

6. Ask about ‘homework’. If you are having regular treatments for a chronic condition please ask what you can do at home. We are dedicated to getting your body to maximum wellness, but often we rely on YOU to do some of the work. Often it’s stretching, exercises, body mechanic changes, even changing a sleeping position. If your therapist suggests something – give it a try – they are looking after your long term health and you might actually need to see them less. And that’s okay. A good therapist will get you results, and they know you’ll be back when you need them, they also know you’ll happily send others. We love those clients.

7. Ask about Loyalty Programs. In an age of Groupon and ‘deep discounts’ a true spa professional has to compete in ways they didn’t before. Those programs do not pay your therapist a living wage and many do so at the expense of regular clients. A better approach is finding a spa partner whom you like and building a relationship with them. One innovative spa offers ‘Loyalty Rewards’ and forgo the discounted services.  ‘We value clients that value us. We have  packages that will save them on a series of services with a particular provider, give birthday gifts and also keep regular clients service fees at the last service rate prior to any increase for a year.’ says the owner. We think this out of the box thinking is the way to be sure the client and the spa workers are valued and happy.

8. Let us know if you need to cancel. Many spa professionals come in by appointments booked, even if it’s 15 minutes before you are to be there, it’s nice for us to know how to use our time. Even better if you can give us a day or several hours notice. We can often book another client. Many spa workers are only paid when they are working on a client. A ‘no show’ will cost them not just time, but money. If your spa professional is using a babysitter to watch children and you didn’t cancel – it’s a double whammy.

9. Breathe and Receive. Allow yourself to just ‘be’.  Allow yourself to receive. You can talk. Or not. You simply should ‘let go’ once you enter our doors. You are in the best care. Every therapist, esthetician and spa professional is truly dedicated to you. Allow us to make your day!





‘i SHiFT’ Massage: Sinus/Headache, Inflammation, Fatigue & Tension. A New Modality by Clear My Head. | Company Newsroom of Clear My Head Ltd

West Carrollton, Ohio, May 11, 2015 (Newswire) – Clear My Head Ltd, a leader in holistic wellness products targeting sinus & headache care since 2004, is pleased to announce their ‘on-site’ training of ‘i SHiFT’ Massage – a multi-modality approach to treating Sinus/Headache with Inflammation, Fatigue & Tension (SHiFT).

‘It makes sense at this time to bring this modality to resorts and spas’ Ms. Stansfield said ‘because more and more clients are seeking holistic solutions to pain. Rather than covering up symptoms with medications, they are seeking to solve the root causes. A well trained Massage Therapist with advanced skills is the perfect partner to explore wellness options with.’

The new protocol was created by Brenda Stansfield, LMT, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and creator of the Clear My Head brand. Ms. Stansfield brings over 20 years of experience and practice in this 6 hour CEU course. The modality was launched in late 2014 and has been well received.

On Site training began in 2015 with destination spas in California, Colorado, Ohio and Michigan being among the first to adopt the techniques.

‘I highly recommend this training, it will give therapists more ‘tools’ to put in their ‘bags’ to pull out and use on guests and clients when indicated’,’ said Debbi Hamilton, Lead Therapist at The Spa at Silverado Resort in Napa, California.

‘It makes sense at this time to bring this modality to resorts and spas’ Ms. Stansfield said ‘because more and more clients are seeking holistic solutions to pain. Rather than covering up symptoms with medications, they are seeking to solve the root causes. A well trained Massage Therapist with advanced skills is the perfect partner to explore wellness options with.’

By combining a variety of modalities, ‘i SHiFT’ Massage brings optimum relief to clients. ‘i SHiFT’ massage is the holistic treatment of Sinus & Headache pain with emphasis on reducing Inflammation, Fatigue & Tension in the head, neck and shoulders.

For more information about classes in Ohio or ‘On-Site’ Workshops at your resort, spa or conference please contact Ms. Stansfield at 937-847-222 or Course details are at or at under Continuing Education.

Source: ‘i SHiFT’ Massage: Sinus/Headache, Inflammation, Fatigue & Tension. A New Modality by Clear My Head. | Company Newsroom of Clear My Head Ltd

How to Breathe Properly – A (Surprisingly Important) Complete Guide – Selfication

5 Easy Ways to Proper Breathing

1. Concious breathing – Become aware of how you breathe during different parts of the day. A practical tip for this is to let your phone alarm go off every hour or so and check your breathing each time it does. Are you breathing relaxed, rhythmically, silently and deeply through your nose? Is there room for improvement in this particular situation?

2. Breathe through your nose – A closed mouth, with the tongue placed up the palate ensures that the breathing happens in and out the nose. If your nose is stuffy, do a sinus rinse.

3. Extended exhale – An extended exhale increases the relaxation and makes the inhale deeper and more rhythmical. For optimal breathing the inhale should be 2-3 seconds, exhale 3-4 seconds followed by a pause for 2-3 seconds. The extended exhale also has a positive effect on the inhale which gets deeper.

4. Straight posture – An upright posture gives a deeper breathing where the diaphragm gets more space to work. Your thoughts and feelings are affected in a positive way and at the same time it gets easier to breathe through the nose.

5. Body consciousness – Be aware of your body and how tense or relaxed it is in different situations. A relaxed body makes it easier to keep a rhythmical and relaxed breathing.

via How to Breathe Properly – A (Surprisingly Important) Complete Guide – Selfication.

Treating Sinus & Headache Pain Naturally – with ‘i SHiFT’ Massage





Moving to the midwest in 1988 was a bit difficult for me. Although I was born in Buffalo, New York, my family moved to Florida when I was in first grade. I grew up in the tropical beauty of St. Petersburg. We had a home on the water, fished off the dock and even had monkeys as pets! It was idyllic. When I married, my husband and moved our family back up north to Ohio. I had no idea what hit me, it seemed like every single bit of pollen had it out for me. Since I couldn’t take over the counter medications without nasty side effects, I began to research natural therapies. They don’t call this area ‘sinus valley’ for nothing! It was at this time in my life I studied Aromatherapy, discovered massage and began what would become Clear My Head. It was truly born out of desperation for myself and family.

Now almost 20 years later, I’ve learned a thing or two, three or four! I’ve been treating my clients for sinus and headache pain for years with a variety of modalities. It’s about time (no, it’s WAY OVERDUE) that I shared that knowledge and experience with other therapists. It took me 20 years to develop proven techniques and almost 6 months to do the presentation, documentation, peer review and everything else that goes into creating a modality. I am proud of my work. I’m also humbled that the response so far has been overwhelmingly positive.

2015 is the YEAR of the ‘i SHiFT’ Course! What is it you ask? It’s a six hour class using multi-modalities to address Sinus/Headache w/Inflammation, Fatigue & Tension (SHIFT).  It’s a treatment we will take nationwide so no matter where you travel you will find a skilled therapist who can assess your symptoms and give your quick relief. The modality is 15-20 minutes and will also give you, the client, tips for self care as well.

What is an ‘i SHiFT’ massage like? We combine advanced massage maneuvers for the head, neck, shoulders and back, we use aromatherapy, Clear My Head products and thermal therapies. It’s a wonderful experience and we’re excited to have trained our first 15 therapists in just the first month. We’re traveling to resorts to train entire staffs and working with with accredited massage schools as well.

We hope you’ll look for this new modality at a spa or wellness center in the near future. It’s an exciting time for us and it brings a new dimension to our company. I’m so thrilled to be back teaching again! I forgot just how much fun it is and how fulfilling it can be to share my expertise. It also reinforces my view that massage therapy is so much more than just a luxury – but a true part of health care. I plan to help mentor new therapists and keep educating the public. 2015 is a new year and we’re ready to rock it!









Cupping Therapy – My personal experience

Traditional cupping session.

They say there is a fine line between pleasure and pain, but there is no pleasure in those who have chronic pain or stress. As someone in the industry I often trade services with other massage and body work professionals to keep me in tip top shape. The past several months have been stressful ones (I won’t bore you with the details, but lets just say we kept getting hit again and again with situations out of our control that certainly piled up, literally, on my shoulders!). I did my ‘usual’ stress reducing plan: eating healthier, getting regular massage, heat packs and dry heat sauna, and of course my aromatherapy baths that usually melt me into a little puddle of joy… but this time, the pain upon my shoulders would not cease. It felt like a constant 50lb bar was being crushed into them non stop. Anti-inflammatory medications had little effect on me. What to do? Well, I believe that our bodies need to be ‘shaken’ up a bit – that’s why it’s a wonderful thing to experience a different touch or modality when your tried and true isn’t quite enough. A different approach at times, can truly make a difference in your body’s ability to heal itself. So lucky for me that I ran into Tzu, a fellow massage therapist that has now begun to offer cupping in her practice.

Cupping for those of you unfamiliar with the modality, is an ancient Chinese method of causing local congestion. A partial vacuum is created in cups placed on the skin either by means of heat or suction. This draws up the underlying tissues. When the cup is left in place on the skin for a few minutes, blood stasis is formed and localized healing takes place. My session was done with the assist of a machine to which my therapist could control the suction strength.

The theory behind this practice is that the application will open up the chi (or the meridians), release toxins, increase and activate the lymphatic system and can penetrate deep into the muscles, similar, yet different to a deep tissue massage. The treatment is most often sought out for treatment of pain, congestion, coughing, and a variety of other issues.

Upon entering the office, Tzu warmly greeted me and took me to the massage room. There were no special instructions that I needed to follow. I told her that I was mainly looking to ease the pain and muscle adhesion that was plaguing across my neck and shoulders for the last two months.  Since much of my pain was stress induced and as the stresses were finally beginning to ease, I felt this would be a good adjunct therapy to get me ‘back to good’. I was excited to try it. I laid down and Tzu began on my back, placing one bulb and then the other on either side of my shoulders and adjusted the suction as needed. She moved them at different intervals across my back on either side of my spine and my neck. She increased or decreased the suction as required. As with regular massage much of my pain was referred pain from another area. This is quite evident when getting a cupping session because you are often left with marks (slight to medium bruising) that gives you a map of your soft tissue distress. The procedure wasn’t too painful – although I did have some ‘hot spots’ that flared up quickly. Mostly is feels as if someone is pulling at your skin, once the skin is released you can feel an immediate lightness in the surface area. At one point the therapist creates the suction on the spine and moves the ball up the spine. This was my favorite sensation of the actual cupping treatment. Tsu also combines heated pillow massage and a gentle muscle manipulation massage along with the cupping session, this brings her treatment to 90 minutes.

So what did I think?  Well, I am glad that I tried it and the results of my treatment were similar to a very deep tissue massage. I can’t say that my pain is gone, but it feels like the tightness has subsided a bit. My husband was appalled at the way my back looked with little circles of various colors of bruising from minor to a bright purple – even after I had shown him pictures of what to expect prior to it – it was unsettling to him. My body feels like it’s had a change in structure to the underlying fascia, which is what I had hoped. Although I do think I expected a deeper and more immediate relief than I experienced, I think this should be considered as another natural alternative to chronic pain and that others may have different results depending on what is being treated.

Would I recommend it? Yes – I believe that our bodies are capable of tremendous self healing and a good therapist can assist you with a treatment plan that is right for you. Since every therapist brings a different skill set and a personal philosophy to their table, it’s important to connect with different modalities when your tried and true are limiting your scope of healing. Cupping touts many benefits, some that I believe and a few I think are a bit far fetched depending on the research. You simply should do your homework and ask the questions before your appointment and convey your needs and expectations to your therapist. You know your body better than anyone and you know what is right for your body. As the ‘leader’ of YOUR health care team you owe it to yourself to try non-invasive treatments to assist with your quality of life. Also, on that note, as the leader of your health care team it is ALWAYS within your power to stop a treatment that is not what you expect or is painful. Listen to your body, listen to your intuition. Be pro-active in all aspects of your health.

Where can you find it?  Cupping is available by Licensed Massage Therapists or Acupuncturists. Look for those who are accredited, licensed and certified in the practice. As with any health care, be it holistic or traditional, you should check with a physician or other trusted health care provider to be sure that the treatment is safe for you.

In the Dayton area you may wish to contact Tzu at for a cupping session. She is a consummate professional and will take great care of you. Tell her Brenda sent you!




Taking The Waters – Self Care for Therapists

‘Taking the Waters’ – what a quaint and lovely saying. At the turn of the century people flocked to natural mineral springs, bathing houses and the sea to rejuvenate their souls and cure their ills. Back then it wasn’t unusual to spend 6 weeks or more doing just that – frolicking among nature and indulging in bathing rituals in the name of health! How wonderful does that sound? Amazing I think, until I imagine just what my business would look like if I took off for 6 weeks! Like me, I bet that might not be the best business decision for you either. So we struggle with taking care of business and taking care of our selves. Anyone feel like they’re on this tightrope with me? Yep, a true balancing act for sure!

But what if… we took BACK the waters? We might not get to go to those mineral springs, but we sure can create them for ourselves! Simply by elevating our evening bath to an art form. How? Treat yourself like you treat your clients – with a sensory experience that releases sore muscles, relaxes or re energizes your mind, softens your skin and leaves you feeling at peace. Here is my favorite at home bath that never fails to transform me to a kinder, gentler being.

Milk & Honey Bath for Therapists

2 cups Powdered Milk (Not liquid)
½ cup Raw Honey
1 ½ cup Epsom Salt
1 cup Mediterranean Sea Salt
6 drops essential oil (Lavender – Relaxing, Peppermint – Energy, Sandalwood – Sensual, Melissa – Focus, or Ylang Ylang – Sleep) Mix & match if you wish, no more than 6 drops total.

As warm water fills the tub add all ingredients. Let salts dissolve completely before entering tub. Float fresh herbs and flowers on the water, dim the lights, light a candle or read a good book but you must: Disconnect the phone and put our your own ‘In Session’ sign on the door. This is your sacred time. It’s time to take back the waters, and take back your life! Enjoy

Brenda Stansfield, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist
Clear My Head Ltd

We post many self care tips, spa trends holistic care news etc on our facebook and pintrest pages:

Wrap Me Up – Versatile New Product!

Announcing a versatile, detoxifying herbal bath bag from the makers of Clear My Head aromatherapy.

Wrap Me Up from Clear My Head provides a versatile detoxifying herbal wrap treatment or in spa bathing ritual that eases breathing, improves circulation and softens the skin. With Wrap Me Up, a 20-30 minute wrap is the ideal “wellness” offering in any spa or clinic.
Rosemary, peppermint, lavender, comfrey and eucalyptus highlight some of the body cleansing ingredients that fill Wrap Me Up’s convenient bath bag, with no messy loose herbs to contend with. Use as a rejuvenating wrap at the spa, in a soothing bath or as a pain-relieving compress, either hot or cold. Anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties make this unique herbal mix ideal for arthritis sufferers, athletes or anyone who may experience chronic pain. The SPA Professional pack includes 12 ‘double’ bags suitable for herbal wrap treatments and is available exclusively to spa professionals.
Spa professionals can also offer clients the opportunity to enhance their wrap experience in between visits with Wrap Me Up herbal bath bags. Each attractively packaged Wrap Me Up in- home treatment includes two bath bags for continuing the detoxification process at home for the next two days. Suggested retail price of $15.00 each.

Client Benefits:

  • Increased Blood & Lymph Circulation
  • Tighten and Tone Skin
  • Soften Skin
  • Ease Pain of Sport Injury and/or Arthritis
  • Relaxation & Reduced Anxiety
  • Helps Skin Appearance with Acne, Eczema & Psoriasis
  • Increase Energy & Metabolism
  • Possible Weight Loss
  • Easier Breathing


Living a ‘Lush Life’

One of the many pleasures about visiting a spa is that from the moment you step through the doors you are enveloped in sights, sounds and smells that begin to transport you immediately to a state of relaxation. We love this concept and believe that everyone can enjoy the spa life at home or even work. We call it:

The Lush Life.

 “Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each.”

 Henry David Thoreau

Create a sensual palette for living life fully

Sight: Using colors to evoke a mood is nothing new to interior designers, but perhaps you’ve never considered the impact it can have on your daily mood. If you have a high impact fast paced work environment, a soothing calming color at home can truly begin the relaxation process. Reds, orange and yellows can be warm, exciting or hostile, depending on the hue. Blues, greens and gray can be cooling, calming or depressing. Working with a color wheel or a design professional can be helpful in choosing the tone you would like set for your home. Weaving the colors through your home with contrasting and/or monotones throughout can infuse different moods to maximize your enjoyment.

Sound: Berthold Auerbach once said: ‘Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. We love the sounds of the spa’s we visit. Carefully chosen music enchants from room to room. A water fountain babbles, a breeze waifs through a cabana… sound inviting? Close your eyes and you can imagine yourself there.  Turning the volume down in life is often a necessity for many of us. Too connected to television, our phones and the Internet, when you do ‘unplug’ – what fills the space?  Exploring music to create a home that functions better is a great project.  Music can energize (for getting chores done), relax and soothe (bedtime rituals) and seduce (no explanation needed here!).  Download new music – Amazon has many free songs for download and many new artists will offer them for the sampling.  Ask friends for new artists too.  Create many different playlists to help you unwind, rewind or windup!

Touch: Silky softness. Ahhhhh – another gift the spas can teach us. A perfect thread count on our sheets can make a difference so when purchasing items of clothing, furnishings or bedding or towels go for the softness. Envelope your body in things that simply feel great! Soothe your skin with lotion and oils to layer on the softness.  Give your partner a back rub, use feathers, sisal scrubs, and items that cool or heat the skin. Closing your eyes will allow you to intensify the experience and get in tune with your body and help you delve further into relaxation.

Smell:  Our sense of smell is so powerful and so connected to our well being it always amazes me that people don’t think twice about using it to their advantage emotionally. Create a welcome home fragrance – moving beyond the synthetic candles and toward the healing aromas of essential oils. Essential oils not only can evoke mood for you, they can help keep you healthier with their antibacterial & antiviral properties. Lavender & Ylang Ylang help quiet you for sleep, Lemongrass & Rosemary are great for bathroom, Citrus scents are wonderful for children rooms and kitchens are benefited by spice blends and herbal notes.  Room fragrance profiles are wonderful ways to engage your senses and to enhance a feeling of comfort in every home.

Taste:  The new concept of ‘Slow Food’ is really not so new at all.  Slow Food is the concept of using locally grown food and preparing them simply. It supports local farmers and fosters fair trade.  It also allows us to enjoy the freshest fruits and vegetables of the season. There is a huge taste difference, as any gardener will tell you, when you eat a ripe tomato fresh off the vine vs one that has been shipped, perhaps weeks ago via a truck to your grocer. Embrace the concept by buying smaller quantities of fresh meats and produce. Simplify your cooking with sautes in olive oil with fresh herbs.  Simple pasta’s and grilled foods are easy to prepare and clean up after.  Scout out farmer markets and ask the farmers the best way to prepare their offerings. 

Live simply that others might simply live. ~Elizabeth Ann Seton


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