Travel Tips for Summer (or any time)

  • Our Roll-on's are great for travel.


    One of our favorite tools on line is a Packing List planner. Just click on fill in the blanks.  A handy list will be generated to make packing the easiest part of the trip. 

  •  Long car trip?  Clear My Head Ache Roll-on at the temples is perfect for keeping you mentally alert. Clear My Head ‘fresh’ disks can be hung on the rearview mirror or tucked in the cup holder.  Activate with oils to keep you awake.
  •  Before you go, make two copies of all travel documents. Pack one and give the other to a relative or friend at home.
  •  Email yourself important phone numbers, reservation booking numbers, etc. If something should happen to your wallet, you can access the information from anywhere in the world. 
  •  Flying?  Apply Clear My Head 2go Roll-on under your nose. You’ll breathe easier and help protect against airborne germs.  Keep the whole family healthy when you fly.  Roll-on’s are sized to take with you on the plane – just remember to bring your plastic bag for all your toiletries. 
  •  The threat of developing blood clots on long flights is very real.  Get up and walk around as much as you can, wear support hose and do self massage on legs during long flights.  For warning signs and more prevention information:
  • Prevent Jet Lag before you even take off.  Enter in flight information and your sleep/eat and daily routine at and print out your custom jet lag prevention guide. Make one for each traveler so everyone can arrive as fresh as possible.
  •  Musty hotels or suitcases?  Carry the Clear My Head ‘fresh’ disks with you – 2 disks in the travel tin.  Use one activated disk in your luggage to keep it fresh smelling and hang the other activated disk on the lamp in the hotel room to keep the smell of smoke or mustiness away.  Sew ‘bean bags’ and fill with baking soda and

    'fresh' disk for hotel and auto.

    lavender flowers – stuff into shoes to absorb moisture and odors.   

  • Sunburned?  Take a tube of H2O Aqua Therapy – our healing salts and essential oils will help you feel cooler and  the red clay salt naturally soothes your skin. After your bath, mix 4 drops of lavender essential oil into aloe vera gel and apply to skin.  Always wear sunscreen to avoid burns, even on over cast days.
  • Indulged a bit too much?  Clear My Head Ache Roll-on can help alleviate a pounding hang-over.  Massage at temples and drink plenty of fluids (lemon water absorbs quickest and will help you rehydrate more quickly). 
  •  Nausea can be alieved by drinking peppermint or ginger tea.  Alternatively, gently rub peppermint oil or ginger oil (diluted in jojoba or almond oil) onto abdomen in circular motion.
  •  New sites – new allergens.  Many travelers are exposed to new plants, pollens and other allergens – so stocking up on Clear My Head in the summer makes sense. 
  • High Altitude?  Spas in higher altitude regions report that our Clear My Head 2go is effective on reducing High Altitude Sickness symptoms.  Use during treatments and offer the Clear My Head 2go for your customer to purchase when they leave.