Living a ‘Lush Life’

One of the many pleasures about visiting a spa is that from the moment you step through the doors you are enveloped in sights, sounds and smells that begin to transport you immediately to a state of relaxation. We love this concept and believe that everyone can enjoy the spa life at home or even work. We call it:

The Lush Life.

 “Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each.”

 Henry David Thoreau

Create a sensual palette for living life fully

Sight: Using colors to evoke a mood is nothing new to interior designers, but perhaps you’ve never considered the impact it can have on your daily mood. If you have a high impact fast paced work environment, a soothing calming color at home can truly begin the relaxation process. Reds, orange and yellows can be warm, exciting or hostile, depending on the hue. Blues, greens and gray can be cooling, calming or depressing. Working with a color wheel or a design professional can be helpful in choosing the tone you would like set for your home. Weaving the colors through your home with contrasting and/or monotones throughout can infuse different moods to maximize your enjoyment.

Sound: Berthold Auerbach once said: ‘Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. We love the sounds of the spa’s we visit. Carefully chosen music enchants from room to room. A water fountain babbles, a breeze waifs through a cabana… sound inviting? Close your eyes and you can imagine yourself there.  Turning the volume down in life is often a necessity for many of us. Too connected to television, our phones and the Internet, when you do ‘unplug’ – what fills the space?  Exploring music to create a home that functions better is a great project.  Music can energize (for getting chores done), relax and soothe (bedtime rituals) and seduce (no explanation needed here!).  Download new music – Amazon has many free songs for download and many new artists will offer them for the sampling.  Ask friends for new artists too.  Create many different playlists to help you unwind, rewind or windup!

Touch: Silky softness. Ahhhhh – another gift the spas can teach us. A perfect thread count on our sheets can make a difference so when purchasing items of clothing, furnishings or bedding or towels go for the softness. Envelope your body in things that simply feel great! Soothe your skin with lotion and oils to layer on the softness.  Give your partner a back rub, use feathers, sisal scrubs, and items that cool or heat the skin. Closing your eyes will allow you to intensify the experience and get in tune with your body and help you delve further into relaxation.

Smell:  Our sense of smell is so powerful and so connected to our well being it always amazes me that people don’t think twice about using it to their advantage emotionally. Create a welcome home fragrance – moving beyond the synthetic candles and toward the healing aromas of essential oils. Essential oils not only can evoke mood for you, they can help keep you healthier with their antibacterial & antiviral properties. Lavender & Ylang Ylang help quiet you for sleep, Lemongrass & Rosemary are great for bathroom, Citrus scents are wonderful for children rooms and kitchens are benefited by spice blends and herbal notes.  Room fragrance profiles are wonderful ways to engage your senses and to enhance a feeling of comfort in every home.

Taste:  The new concept of ‘Slow Food’ is really not so new at all.  Slow Food is the concept of using locally grown food and preparing them simply. It supports local farmers and fosters fair trade.  It also allows us to enjoy the freshest fruits and vegetables of the season. There is a huge taste difference, as any gardener will tell you, when you eat a ripe tomato fresh off the vine vs one that has been shipped, perhaps weeks ago via a truck to your grocer. Embrace the concept by buying smaller quantities of fresh meats and produce. Simplify your cooking with sautes in olive oil with fresh herbs.  Simple pasta’s and grilled foods are easy to prepare and clean up after.  Scout out farmer markets and ask the farmers the best way to prepare their offerings. 

Live simply that others might simply live. ~Elizabeth Ann Seton


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