Taking The Waters – Self Care for Therapists

‘Taking the Waters’ – what a quaint and lovely saying. At the turn of the century people flocked to natural mineral springs, bathing houses and the sea to rejuvenate their souls and cure their ills. Back then it wasn’t unusual to spend 6 weeks or more doing just that – frolicking among nature and indulging in bathing rituals in the name of health! How wonderful does that sound? Amazing I think, until I imagine just what my business would look like if I took off for 6 weeks! Like me, I bet that might not be the best business decision for you either. So we struggle with taking care of business and taking care of our selves. Anyone feel like they’re on this tightrope with me? Yep, a true balancing act for sure!

But what if… we took BACK the waters? We might not get to go to those mineral springs, but we sure can create them for ourselves! Simply by elevating our evening bath to an art form. How? Treat yourself like you treat your clients – with a sensory experience that releases sore muscles, relaxes or re energizes your mind, softens your skin and leaves you feeling at peace. Here is my favorite at home bath that never fails to transform me to a kinder, gentler being.

Milk & Honey Bath for Therapists

2 cups Powdered Milk (Not liquid)
½ cup Raw Honey
1 ½ cup Epsom Salt
1 cup Mediterranean Sea Salt
6 drops essential oil (Lavender – Relaxing, Peppermint – Energy, Sandalwood – Sensual, Melissa – Focus, or Ylang Ylang – Sleep) Mix & match if you wish, no more than 6 drops total.

As warm water fills the tub add all ingredients. Let salts dissolve completely before entering tub. Float fresh herbs and flowers on the water, dim the lights, light a candle or read a good book but you must: Disconnect the phone and put our your own ‘In Session’ sign on the door. This is your sacred time. It’s time to take back the waters, and take back your life! Enjoy

Brenda Stansfield, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist
Clear My Head Ltd

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